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31. January 2023
Producers preparing for EPREL will have to obtain their qualified eletronic seal before February 2022

The European Product Energy Labelling Database (EPREL) requires the use of qualified electronic seals to ensure the authenticity of uploaded information. Since February 2022, suppliers have to digitally verify their identity on the EPREL platform using electronic sealing technology. The European Commission specifically requires the use of Qualified Electronic Seals due to their effectiveness in meeting verification requirements. By obtaining a Qualified Electronic Seal, organisations can not only comply with the legal obligations related to EPREL, but also securely establish their business presence in other use cases.

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Evolution of energy labels and the European Product Energy Labelling Database (EPREL)

Energy labels have a long history, first introduced in the European Union in 1994 for selected household appliances. Over time, these labels have evolved into a mature framework. As technology advances, the EU is committed to keeping pace. As a result, the European energy label has led to the creation of an online product database known as EPREL (European Product Database for Energy Labelling). Suppliers are required to upload specific information to this database in order to generate the mandatory energy label for their products.

EPREL: Empowering Consumers and Suppliers Alike

The purpose of EPREL is twofold. Firstly, suppliers must upload the necessary technical documentation to comply with Regulation (EU) 2017/1369. Secondly, the public section of the database allows consumers to access key information about the products, such as energy efficiency, dimensions, warranty details, annual consumption and more, simply by scanning the QR code on the energy label.

Mandatory EPREL registration for various product groups as of 2019

Since 1 January 2019, EPREL registration is mandatory for various product groups, including air conditioners, household cooking appliances, household dishwashers, space and water heaters, light bulbs and lamps, local space heaters, household refrigerators and freezers, professional refrigeration, refrigeration with direct sales function, solid fuel boilers, electronic displays including televisions, tumble dryers, residential ventilation units, household washing machines and tyres.

To register products in EPREL, organisations must first register on the platform. However, from February 2022, the EPREL platform will require suppliers (as legal entities) to digitally verify their identity. This verification process is based on electronic seal technology. Electronic seals, similar to electronic signatures, are categorised into three types: Basic Electronic Seal, Advanced Electronic Seal and Qualified Electronic Seal. For EPREL registration, the European Commission requires a Qualified Electronic Seal because of its ability to effectively ensure the authenticity of uploaded information.

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In addition to being mandatory for EPREL registration, qualified electronic seals have wider applications beyond the database – digital seals replace a company stamp and are widely used for various purposes, including e-invoicing, certificates, quotations and the digitisation of incoming mail, where they ensure the integrity and authenticity of electronic documents, protecting businesses and customers alike. Qualified electronic seals are also used to secure sensitive documents and transactions in industries such as finance, healthcare and legal. As a Qualified Trust Service Provider, we offer a comprehensive range of trust services to meet the diverse needs of organisations. Our offering extends beyond qualified seals to include electronic signatures, time stamps, S/MIME and codesigning, SSL and other Certificates Services. By leveraging our full stack of trust services, organisations can strengthen their digital security posture, improve regulatory compliance, and create a trusted digital environment for their customers and partners. organisations to digitally seal their documents with.

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