The qualified time stamp supplements an electronic document with the official and unalterable world time. This guarantees the existence of the document at that time. Furthermore, it is proven that the document has not been changed since that time. Only the qualified time stamp from an independent, recognized authority enables audit-proof evidence of the integrity of a document. More and more companies are protecting their intellectual property with a time stamp and can clearly clarify priority issues. The service complies with the requirements of Regulation (EU) No. 910/2014 (“eIDAS”) and is therefore recognized throughout the EU.



qualified timestamp

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Make your documents audit-proof

Electronic time stamp services are becoming increasingly important. They are used to preserve evidence that also meets long-term regulatory requirements – whether for audit-proof archiving, evidence of priority in intellecutal property issues, fraud prevention, documentation of submission and receipt deadlines or in electronic tendering procedures. Timestamp users rely on them them for numerous other functions within the framework of automated document management.

Each second counts.

Has the contract termination been submitted in due time? When was an application received? How long did a system failure last? When was the online check-in available? When was a complaint received? In which order were offers submitted? For many businesses, the exact time is crucial. Often the proof of the timely submission of a declaration is decisive for the existence of high obligations. Qualified time specifications have become a must-have when it comes to avoiding lengthy questions of proof.

How does timestamping work?

A unique, non-forgeable hash code is automatically generated from a document. This hash code is uniquely assigned to a specific document. However, the hash code cannot be used to infer the content of the document.
This hash code is transmitted to the GLOBALTRUST® TIMESTAMP server in encrypted form (TIMESTAMP request), where it is given the exact time and electronically signed by the TIMESTAMP server.
The signed data is returned to the applicant (TIMESTAMP response) and can be integrated into the existing document or saved as a separate file. This depends on the document management software used.
This procedure guarantees 100% confidentiality of your valuable documents. The content of the documents is never transmitted to GLOBALTRUST®. Since the transmission of the hash code is also encrypted, it is not possible for attackers to identify who is requesting time stamps.

All benefits at a glance
  • Audit-proof storage of documents for long-term archiving, tax- and other audits, …
  • GLOBALTRUST® archives all time stamps and enables free online verification even years after issuance
  • Time stamps are a copyright valid proof of the priority of intellectual property, for the documentation of deadlines for submission and receipt of tenders,…
  • Protection against manipulation of time and content of a document
  • legally recognized throughout the EU area
  • wide range of other use cases: signature software, access control and time recording systems, alarm systems, cash register systems, accounting, ERP systems, …
Easy handling and integration
  • Comfortable use with standard software: Adobe Acrobat Reader DC (a signing certificate is required)
  • Easy integration in existing  workflow- and CMS software
  • GLOBALTRUST® provides sample code free of charge
Technical data overview
  • Interoperability through compliance with RFC 3161
  • High time accuracy: average deviation of less than 10 milliseconds from normal time
  • GDPR compliant long-term archiving of the time stamp
  • Online validation of assigned time stamps possible
  • Supported protocols: HTTP, TCP/IP
  • OpenSSL support as of v1.0.1g
  • Support of numerous development libraries (IAIK, BouncyCastle)
  • supported future-proof hash formats SHA-256, SHA-512, RIPEMD-160
  • Single timestamps are situated in the few cent range

  • sensational pricing for resellers and distributors