Exclusive Public Key Infrastructure

With GLOBALTRUST COMPANY, your company becomes a registration authority: your own public key infrastructure (PKI) is set up on the basis of a company root certificate. Certificates for client authentication, e-mail signatures, encryption and many other purposes can be conveniently issued, managed and revoked via various interfaces or partner applications – for all employees, departments, devices and services in the company infrastructure. The service is available in all modern operating systems and browsers. In contrast to self-signed certificates, the certificates are therefore immediately categorised as trustworthy from the outside without any intermediate steps.


The electronic business card for employees and devices

Numerous available interfaces

Variant 1

Certificate issuance via internet browser – convenient and immediately available

Variant 2

Certificate management via SOAP API, ideal for connecting to any backend systems

Variant 3
Partner application

GLOBALTRUST COMPANY is available in numerous partner applications

Variant 4

Not only apply for and revoke certificates, but also distribute them fully automatically


Easy application, multiple possible uses

The user certificates can be issued independently on a 24/7/365 basis via an online interface or a separate interface. Multiple purposes and individual configurations are possible: GLOBALTRUST customers use them primarily for signing and encrypting e-mails, document signing and electronic invoicing, for log-in purposes as part of multi-factor authentication, VPN services or SingleSignOgn solutions.


Do you want to issue certificates yourself?

  • from as little as € 5 per year and certificate
  • Individual term agreement
  • Flexible contingent adjustment
  • individual configurations

Your benefits at a glance


Electronically signed e-mails and documents increase your trustworthiness in electronic business transactions



Encryption using state-of-the-art algorithms ensures confidentiality


Certificates can be issued with flexible duration and configuration, ideal for in-house requirements


Certificates are a secure identification mechanism for access to protected websites and virtual private networks (VPN)


Easy to use with standard software. Easy integration into existing workflow and document management systems.


Certificate management around the clock, without being tied to support and processing times

Autoenrolment – fully automated PKI

Request, disseminate, install, renew and revoke certificates – for hundreds of employees and devices. With the help of numerous interfaces from our partners, this task is no longer a worry. Users don’t notice a thing and can concentrate on their actual work. Our tested partner interfaces provide solutions for the autoenrolment of certificates for use in mail gateways or your own development. Your certificates are distributed and managed automatically – overwhelmed employees, overlooked devices and expired certificates are a thing of the past. We work with you to clarify your requirements and procure a suitable partner solution for you.



Get your individual quote, for example:

  • 100 Users: 1.584,00 EUR/year
  • 1000 Users: 6.960,00 EUR/year

*VAT may apply

from € 5
per User

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Technical Data

  • Interoperability through conformity with X509v3 and RFC 5280
  • Future-proof encryption with RSA 4096 or ECDSA secp256r1
  • Future-proof hash method: SHA-256, SHA-512, RIPE-MD160 or higher


  • Optional: Highly available status service via OCSP guarantees verifiability of certificates
  • Optional: LDAP distribution of user certificates facilitates key exchange
  • Free revocation management via CRL
  • Authorised key usage: Signing and encrypting e-mails and documents, client authentication and much more.


  • Operation on HSM in data centre certified according to ISO 270001
  • Regular conformity assessment according to eIDAS and ETSI
  • Outstanding recognition by browser/operating system manufacturers
  • Timely announcement of changed browser specifications
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