The electronic commerce is becoming increasingly important. New technologies reveal enormous potential for simplification and savings. Today, incoming paper documents are usually scanned and electronically processed, often disposed of immediately afterwards. Invoices are placed electronically, contracts are signed digitally. Above all, electronic communication plays the key role. But with every step of digitalization there are new threats to be mastered. Responsible companies react to the risks in eCommerce by using reliable security technologies – including above all the instrument of digital signatures – to provide authenticity, integrity, confidentiality and non-repudation.

NEW: seamlessly valid AATL signature – On-Premise or cloud-based



Personal certifcate for email signature/encryption

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Personal advanced certificate

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Advanced certificate for organizations

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eIDAS-qualified personal certificate – cloud based

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Electronic ID for enterprises and individuals

Sensitive documents such as invoices, contracts or confidential correspondence must be provided with unforgeable features that prove their authenticity and integrity beyond doubt and protect the content from prying eyes of unauthorized persons. GLOBALTRUST offers the right solution for all industries, company sizes and security needs.

Just a few reasons for choosing GLOBALTRUST SIGNATURE…

  • Every application goes through a comprehensive identity check, identity theft is impossible.
  • The GLOBALTRUST team fulfills all technically and legally permissible special requests.
  • GLOBALTRUST SIGNATURE Certificates are issued according to the state of the art and are considered more forgery-proof than classic ID documents.
  • The GLOBALTRUST team constantly monitors developments in certification technology and advises on the transition to new standard.
  • Avoid liability claims according to the GDPR due to data manipulation
  • Additional contingent of qualified timestamps free of charge.

Which solution is the right one for me?

  • GLOBALTRUST CLIENT is issued to a specific person and is suitable for simple e-mail signature and encryption. Personal certificate that cannot be transferred to others.
  • GLOBALTRUST ADVANCED is issued to a specific person and is suitable for signing and encryption. Personal certificate that cannot be transferred to others – meets eIDAS requirements for advanced signatures.
  • GLOBALTRUST ADVANCED SEAL is issued to a company or other organization and can therefore be used by multiple people – meets eIDAS advanced seal requirements.
  • TRUST2GO® QUALIFIED replaces the handwritten signature – meets eIDAS requirements for qualified signatures – more
  • For larger infrastructures a COMPANY solution is suitable. For more information, please visit:

True Interoperability

GLOBALTRUST SIGNATURE fulfills all necessary requirements and can be used in any system environment. The certificates can be used in both Microsoft applications and LINUX solutions. The use of hardware-based signature creation devices is not mandatory, but not excluded. The user can use any smart card, eToken or HSM solutions. GLOBALTRUST will also issue the required certificate for these solutions.

By using X.509v3, the globally recognized standard for certification, adherence to the INTERNET-RFC standards and the recommendations of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), the standardization institute of the EU, users of GLOBALTRUST SIGNATURE have the security of having an ideal identification tool in accordance with the state of the art for many years to come.

Technical data overview
  • Interoperability through conformity with X509v3 and RFC 5280
  • future-proof signature procedures with RSA 4096 or ECDSA secp256r1
  • future-proof hash procedures: SHA-256, SHA-512, RIPE-MD160 or higher
  • secure key generation according to the recommendations of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
  • automated revocation service in case of loss of certificate
  • rfc4511 compliant online directory service (LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
  • highly available status service via CRL and OCSP guarantees validity of the certificate
  • from 23,- EUR per year
  • flexible duration
  • additional 50 qualified timestamps free of charge if desired
  • special conditions for resellers and distributors