GLOBALTRUST® AUTHENTICATION provides a certificate for reliable identification – just like an ID card. GLOBALTRUST® guarantees the accuracy of personal and company data and establishes verifiable trust between vendors and customers, companies and employees, business partners or even devices.



personal certifcate for email signature/encryption

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advanced certificate for organizations

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client AUCTION

personal certificate with special configuration for energy trading platforms

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For members only

GLOBALTRUST® AUTHENTICATION can be used wherever access should only be possible for verified users. This applies, for example, to numerous modern trading platforms, which sometimes even make such certificates mandatory. GLOBALTRUST® offers customized solutions for all requirements according to the state of the art and support in system integration.


  • Numerous international trading platforms recommend the use of GLOBALTRUST® AUTHENTICATION
  • Every application goes through a comprehensive identity check, identity manipulation is impossible
  • The GLOBALTRUST® team fulfills all technically and legally permissible special requests
  • GLOBALTRUST® AUTHENTICATION Certificates are issued according to the state of the art and are considered to be more forgery-proof than classic ID documents
  • The GLOBALTRUST® team constantly monitors developments in certification technology and advises on the transition to new standards
  • Rapid issuance through customized authentication of applicants

Which solution is the right one for me?

  • GLOBALTRUST® CLIENT is issued to a specific person and is suitable for easy authentication, e-mail signature and encryption.
  • GLOBALTRUST® CLIENT AUCTION also includes special entries designed for energy trading platforms. Personal certificate that cannot be transferred to others.
  • GLOBALTRUST® ADVANCED SEAL is issued to one company and can therefore be used by multiple people – meets eIDAS requirements for an advanced seal
  • For larger infrastructures a COMPANY solution is suitable. For more information, please visit:

Real Interoperability

GLOBALTRUST® SIGNATURE fulfills all necessary requirements and can be used in any system environment. The certificates can be used in both Microsoft applications and LINUX solutions. The use of hardware-based signature creation devices is not mandatory, but not excluded. The user can use any smart card, eToken or HSM solutions. GLOBALTRUST® will also issue the required certificate for these solutions.

By using X.509v3, the globally recognized standard for certification, adherence to the INTERNET-RFC standards and the recommendations of ETSI (European Telecommunications Standards Institute), the standardization institute of the EU, users of GLOBALTRUST® SIGNATURE have the security of having an ideal identification tool in accordance with the state of the art for many years to come.

Technical data overview
  • Interoperability through conformity with X509v3 and RFC 5280
  • future-proof signature procedures with RSA 4096 or ECDSA secp256r1
  • future-proof hash procedures: SHA-256, SHA-512, RIPE-MD160 or higher
  • secure key generation according to the recommendations of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI)
  • automated revocation service in case of loss of certificate
  • rfc4511 compliant online directory service (LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
  • highly available status service via CRL and OCSP guarantees validity of the certificate
  • from 23,- EUR per year
  • flexible duration
  • additional 50 qualified timestamps free of charge if desired
  • special conditions for resellers and distributors