GLOBALTRUST launches Strong Authentication services for the UPC

5. April 2023
UPC access and sign with globaltrust

Press release, Vienna April 5, 2023

The Austrian signature provider GLOBALTRUST is one of only a few in Europe to provide suitable certificates for the mandatory “Strong Authentication” of the new Unified Patent Court (UPC). The Viennese were thus already able to convince with their services across Europe in the Sunrise Practice Period and are now prepared for the big run shortly before the court starts its activities on June 1, 2023.

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) will be IT-based and accessible only via a Case Management System (CMS). This requires all parties appearing before the court to have secure and verifiable authentication means to ensure that only authorized persons have access to confidential information and processes.

Challenge: Strong Authentication

However, even the timeline for UPC had been adjusted because of the poor availability of the mandatory “Strong Authentication” certificates. Only a handful of providers across Europe are equipped to meet the technical challenges. GLOBALTRUST is one of them and already serves an impressive customer base from the international IP community with its user-friendly all-in-one solution. “Especially because opt-out requests could already be submitted via the CMS during the sunrise period, so before the actual start of work of the UPC – most notably, renowned companies in pharmaceuticals, automotive and industry wanted to settle this quickly and reliably”, tells Daniel Zens, Senior Product Manager at GLOBALTRUST.

Two certificates for login and signature

“We have done a lot of clarification and consulting in the last weeks and months. In the beginning, it was often not clear to companies and law firms what to look for. To this day, only – quite technical – descriptions are available,” says Zens, naming the obstacles for users.

In addition, the range of services offered by other trust service providers is often confusing. After all, if you have to set up several customer accounts and put together the products yourself without getting a realistic overview of the costs, you give up overwhelmed.

Consulting-intensive services

“It has turned out that the topic is very much about consulting. Our customers appreciate that we are on their side and enjoy the all-round carefree character of our services” indicates Zens in a further statement and admits how valuable customer feedback GLOBALTRUST considers in return: “We have gained a lot of valuable experience from this project in particular.”

For example, online identification via video call, which is available worldwide, has been thoroughly well received by customers.

At GLOBALTRUST, he said, they are now bracing themselves for a further increase in inquiries in the coming weeks. As one of Austria’s leading providers of identity and security solutions, the company has made the best possible preparations for the onslaught.

“I have hardly ever worked with an IT provider that actually solves the customer’s problems or wants to help them.” When you get feedback like this, you know you’re right.


Daniel Zens | Senior Product Manager Signature Services
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