This FAQ collection is intended for interested parties and users of TRUST2GO®, as well as developers. It will be continuously expanded and supplemented. If your question is not answered, we are available at any time:

Full user documentation PDF:
Short user documentation (How to activate) PDF:

What is the difference between TRUST2GO ADVANCED and TRUST2GO QUALIFIED?

TRUST2GO® ADVANCED is suitable for advanced signatures and may therefore be used without 2-factor authentication. Signatures are validated via the Adobe Approved Trust List. TRUST2GO® QUALIFIED produces qualified signatures and legally requires signature approval via a second factor. These signatures are validated via the EU Trust List.

We have put together a short guide to help you decide here.

Can I produce both qualified and advanced signatures with my TRUST2GO® certificate?

No. Strict separation of the signature keys is required by law. However, you can easily request different certificates for your user (your mobile number).

I have several functions in several companies. Do I need multiple certificates?

This is your choice.

  • Variant 1: One single certificate. No company name and function are included in the certificate. You can display these properties in the (graphical) signature image (if supported by your signature software!). However, this is then a non-verified property.
  • Variant 2: One certificate per company/function. All certificates can be asserted to one user (one mobile number) and use the same access data. You simply select the function in which you are signing in the signature process. We recommend this variant because this is the only way to transport the affiliation to the company and the function as an eIDAS-compliant verified, authentic property in the signature!
Is TRUST2GO® a desktop software and the cell phone only serves as a second factor?

The free basic variant of the e-Sign agent is a desktop software for Windows. In this constellation, the cell phone serves as a second factor.

For other system environments and completely mobile solutions, please contact


Is TRUST2GO® an entirely mobile solution?

Yes, for fully mobile deployable solutions, please contact

Can I also use TRUST2GO® as a Mac user?

Yes, for solutions usable under Apple systems, please contact

FAQ certificate request

How do I get my signature certificate / TRUST2GO® account?
  • If you need more than one certificate within your company, please request a contract number in advance:
  • Purchase standalone qualified signature: here
  • Purchase standalone advanced signature: here

Subsequently, you will be requested by mail to participate in the video identification and, if necessary, to provide further proof. These are legally required security measures that prevent identity theft and ensure that signature data is only delivered to the authorised person.

I have completed the video identification. What happens now?

You will shortly receive an email notification with your user ID and further instructions. If you do not receive an email, please check your junk folder. Please contact if you have any further questions.


FAQ installation and ongoing operation

What are the system requirements for TRUST2GO®?
  • Windows Workstation from Windows 10 (for the free basic solution e-sign-Agent)
  • If SMS-Tan is required: mobile phone with SMS function (operating system does not matter)
  • If app required: smartphone with Android operating system (from 8.0.0, recommended from 10.0) or iOS (from 10, recommended from 11)
Which ports / target IPs do I have to unblock?

Productive system:
Port 443

Test System:
Port 443

I have lost my ActivationPIN

For security reasons, there is NO way to reactivate the secret signature key with reset activation PIN. A new certificate must be issued for a new signature key. Please contact immediately.

I have lost my TransportPIN

Please contact the support team (+43 1 532 0 944)

My TransportPIN does not work

Please contact the support team (+43 1 532 0 944)

My user is locked. Can you unlock the user for me and reset the activation PIN?

To unlock: Please contact support (+43 1 532 0 944)

To reset: For security reasons, there is NO way to reactivate the secret signature key with the activation PIN reset. It is ONLY possible to restore the user with the previous activation PIN.

If the activation PIN is forgotten, a new certificate must be issued for a new signature key. Please contact immediately.


I would like to use only SMS for signature approval instead of the TRUST2GO® app in the future

De-register the app according to the detailed documentation section [DEREGAUTHAPP]

Caution. Uninstalling alone is NOT sufficient.
After successful de-registration, you will be prompted to enter the SMS-Tan from the next signature process.

I would like to use only the TRUST2GO® app for signature approval instead of the SMS in the future

Install the app and register according to detailed documentation

  • [ErstRegAuthApp] (First)registration ‘Trust2GoAuthApp’
  • [NeuRegAuthApp] New registration’Trust2GoAuthApp’
I want to use the TRUST2GO® app and SMS in parallel for signature approval

This is not provided without intermediate steps, but you can change the procedure by registering and deregistering the app.

In future, I would like to use only one factor for signature release

This is only legally permitted at all for advanced signatures and organisation seals. If you have one of these products, we need your declaration of consent to downgrade to 1-factor authentication. Please contact the support (+43 1 532 0 944) or

I do not receive an SMS-Tan

Check if SMS-Tan is set as authentication factor: Log in above “Authentication method:”

If no: please see “I want to use only SMS for signature approval instead of the TRUST2GO app in the future”.

If yes:

Please check if the mobile number is correct. You will find it in the email notifying you of the activation.
If this does not remedy the situation, please contact Please make sure you have the following information ready:
– Operating system+version mobile phone
– exact time of the attempt
– what exactly was attempted (activation, signature, other process?)

FAQ certificate re-issuance, re-key, modification and revocation

How long is my certificate valid?
  • Our standard offer for qualified signatures: 5 years technical term (corresponds to the maximum permitted term).
  • Our standard offer for advanced signatures: 10 years technical term.
  • For other terms, please contact us in advance.
  • Unless otherwise agreed, the contractual term is 1 year.

FAQ API and integrated solutions

Can I also use the TRUST2GO® signature via Adobe Sign?

Please contact

I need a sinature integration in PHP

We recommend the SetaPDF-Signer component for TRUST2GO®, developed by Setasign GmbH & Co. KG (DE) :