Companies that cooperate with international energy suppliers on the European electricity and gas market need certificates for reliable identification for their traders and all employees involved in energy trading. GLOBALTRUST® is listed with the relevant platforms and provides a suitable tool for the mandatory identity certificates.


The European Energy Market: JAO, OKTE and Consorts

The liberalisation of the energy markets since the end of the 1990s has not only led to energy customers being able to freely choose their local or supraregional suppliers. European energy exchanges and capacity platforms have also emerged, on and with which electricity and gas are traded and distributed across national borders. In our neighbouring countries, for example, these are the Hungarian RBP and FGSZ,the Slovenian ELES, the Czech CEPS or the Slovak DAMAS Energy, OKTE and the Dutch JAO.


Energy trading: Login only for verified traders and employees

The principle of supply and demand prevails on the international electricity and gas markets and the interaction between trading exchanges, settlement agencies and energy supply companies is strictly regulated: Strict professional and technical requirements apply to trading in energy products and access to the electronic trading exchanges is only open to authorised companies.

In addition, all traders and participants – from senior traders to back office contacts and commercial representatives – only have access to the trading systems if they can identify themselves beyond doubt. They need certificates for their reliable identification. For example, the auction rules of the electronic Capacity Auction Tool (eCAT) stipulate that authentication can only be done using a client certificate from a provider on the EU Trusted List

GLOBALTRUST® AUTHENTICATION: Certificates for the European energy market

Trust is good, verifiable trust is better – GLOBALTRUST® AUTHENTICATION guarantees the effective identification of persons and prevents unauthorised logins, identity manipulation and Internet fraud.

GLOBALTRUST® AUTHENTICATION is trusted by critical infrastructures and renowned energy trading platforms throughout Europe. Contact us if you as an energy service provider need to ensure the authentication of your employees. We will be happy to inform you in more detail about the system integration, the customised setting thanks to hardware and platform independence and the interesting conditions.

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