Video identification: this is how easy it is to identify yourself online

8. February 2023
Die Videoidentifizierung steht Ihnen täglich von 7:00 bis 22:00 Uhr zur Verfügung und dauert etwa 5 Minuten

As a qualified trust service provider, we are required by Art 24 eIDAS Regulation to verify the identity of our customers. There are several ways to do this. However, identification is particularly convenient and fast using Videoident – online identification via video chat. This enables our customers to register for all services and products in just a few minutes, easily and in a legally secure manner. Worldwide, video identification works for ID documents from almost all countries.


Know your customer

Qualified trust services have legal effects – for example, an electronic signature replaces the owner’s handwritten signature and thus enables contracts to be concluded completely digitally. The signature data must not fall into the hands of unauthorized persons. Similar to the provisions in banking, the eIDAS Regulation, therefore, requires trust services to be issued only to persons identified beyond doubt.


Videoident – eIDAS-compliant identity verification online

We are very pleased to provide our customers worldwide with a precise video authentication that complies with all legal requirements – eIDAS, AML (Anti Money Laundering), KYC (Know your Customer principle).
Video identification takes place online via video call and is completed in just a few minutes: all you need is an Internet-enabled device (computer, cell phone, tablet) with a camera.

Products and solutions from GLOBALTRUST – security and trust included

Those who know us know: We have high demands on all our solutions. They have to be user-friendly, i.e. quick and easy to use, of course, one hundred percent legally compliant and, in addition, applicable worldwide, so that we can also serve our international customers to the same extent. We apply the same standards when it comes to clearly identifying our customers. For all GLOBALTRUST products, especially TRUST2GO®, the following applies: In order to prevent signature abuse and to ensure that the activation data only reaches the verified recipients, we strictly check the identity of our customers during the initial registration.

Identity verification options – analog and digital

There are several proven options for identity verification. The simplest, physical-analog option: In-person-ID check. The problem with this: the lack of time when deadlines need to be met and you are not in Vienna.

For some countries we rely upon a postal procedure: Austrian Post’s “Ident.Brief” fulfils the legal framework for establishing your identity in every respect. Your identification is also carried out by physically recording your ID data – but on your premises. This means that the identity check takes several days.

Videoident procedure – highly secure online identification

Our digital alternative: Videoident. Online authentication via video call is very simple and takes place in three steps:

  1. You enter your data as usual in the ordering process.
  2. You receive a link. A call center employee accompanies you through the identification process via video chat – in German or English, as you prefer. (For other languages, please reach out in advance.)
  3. You receive your product

That’s all you have to do to register for our products. The advantages of video identification are obvious:

  1. It is the fastest way to prove your identity in a legally secure way -.
  2. … the identification happens in a few minutes – (almost) no matter where in the world you are.
  3. You can use any Internet-enabled device with a camera for this purpose – …
  4. … the process is completely free of media discontinuity
  5. … and is available to you daily between 7:00 and 22:00 Berlin Time in German or English.
  6. The Videoident process complies with all legal requirements
  7. … and ensures that your data remains 100 percent on European soil.

Which countries/documents are supported?

How can we get in touch with you?

Contact our team: +43 1 532 0 944

Our employees are available for an obligation-free consultation.

Availability: Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00

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