Once again, GLOBALTRUST stepped into the pioneering role amongst Austria’s Trust Service Providers: We are now the first TSP to join the Adobe Approved Trusted List (AATL), a program that allows users to create digital signatures that are considered trusted as soon as the signed document is opened in Adobe Acrobat or Reader. A milestone that will optimize the diverse range of PDF signatures and accelerate digital transformation for all industries.



GLOBALTRUST is a member of the Adobe Approved Trust List (AATL)

… and we are proud of it! We applied to Adobe and fulfilled all security and technical requirements – now we are listed as the only Austrian trust service provider among the biggest players of trust services in the world.

For GLOBALTRUST customers, this means: The origin of their digitally signed documents can be traced back to a certificate on the AATL. Anytime if a signed PDF is opened in the Adobe Acrobat or Adobe Reader software, it is automatically classified as trustworthy and valid. Recipients are neither bothered by misleading messages, nor is there a need for manually changing any trust settings.

Electronic signatures: software validates – relying on parties trust

Any software that works with signed data must decide which signature provider it trusts, i.e., which signatures it displays as valid and marks with the “green checkmark”. To do this, trust lists are queried – usually invisible to the user and automated in the background – which contain signature service providers that meet strict security criteria: for example, an annual assessment by an independent body, specific accreditations and compliance with technical and contractual requirements.

Doubts about a digital signature thus do not arise in the first place, and both the queries from recipients and the effort required for support are reduced. A pleasant side effect: Costs go down, trust goes up.


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