Slovenia: secure authentication for the eProcurement platform eJN

9. December 2021
Die Republik Slowenien setzt mit Ihrem eJN auf elektronische Ausschreibungen

Public tenders have enormous economic significance among the EU member states. This also applies to contracts cocluded with the Republic of Slovenia, which is still considered an interesting entry market and stepping stone for Southeastern Europe. Companies wishing to participate in public tenders in Slovenia must do so via the official tender portal – the eJN. For the electronic tendering processes they need a so-called SI-PASS account to prove their identity. With AUTHENTICATION, GLOBALTRUST® offers a suitable tool that provides the necessary certificates for reliable identification of the acting persons and companies.

Public tenders in Slovenia

Slovenia is an an attractive economic partner and relevant market in which numerous major projects are planned or already being implemented. International companies wishing to bid for public tenders in the Republic of Slovenia are bound by the strictly regulated, digitized procedures of the Slovenian tender portal eJN.

SI-PASS: the slovenian authentication and signature service

A so-called SI-PASS account is required to use the eJN tender platform. This SI-PASS account requires a personal certificate that supports SSL client authentication – the process by which users gain secure access to a server through the exchange of a digital certificate. This ensures that only verified users can access the platform.

The digital certificate works like an ID card: It is used to prove the identity of a person or a company by means of an electronic signature. GLOBALTRUST® AUTHENTICATION provides such certificates for reliable identification.

GLOBALTRUST® AUTHENTICATION: Who is who – certificates for reliable electronic identification

Companies that are not registered in Slovenia but want to apply for a public contract have a secure and recognized tool at hand with GLOBALTRUST® AUTHENTICATION, which is registered in the EU Trust List (EUTL) and as a Mozilla partner.

GLOBALTRUST® AUTHENTICATION guarantees the accuracy of personal and company details and makes Internet fraud virtually impossible:

  • in the CLIENT variant – as a personal certificate for e-mail signature, encryption and online authentication
  • in the ADVANCED SEAL variant– as a corporate certificated for signature and authentication

Good reasons for you to authenticate via GLOBALTRUST® AUHENTICATION

  • Forgery-proof: identity-thefts excluded
  • Internationally proven by critical infrastructures and renowned European trading platforms
  • Individual, tailor-made setting – the GLOBALTRUST® team fulfills technically and legally permissible special requests
  • Future-proof: the GLOBALTRUST® team continuously monitors developments in certificate technology and advises on upgrading to new standards
  • Easy system integration
  • True hardware and platform independence
  • Attractive conditions

Contact us if you want to participate in public tenders in Slovenia. We will be happy to advise you and inform you in detail about the required proof of identity and certificates.

Download fact sheet Authentication

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