The qualified electronic signature is the perfect complement for your electronic business and legal transactions. Our e-signature solution, TRUST2GO® not only simplifies your workflow, but also meets the highest compliance requirements. Sensitive documents, official data, patient files, bank, or insurance data remain protected and in your hands at all times. Of course, our qualified cloud signature complies with the strict requirements of the EU eIDAS regulation and is therefore absolutely legally secure.


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Qualified signatures: We’re serious about your security

Digital processes ideally cause little administrative effort and save time. However, when it comes to electronic signatures, it’s not just the user experience that counts, but also and above all the security aspect.

If you want to implement a qualified e-signature in your company or authority, you cannot take any risks – you need a solution that meets all legal requirements – including those of your AML (anti-money laundering) and KYC (know your costumer) concepts. Here you go: With our e-signature solution TRUST2GO® you are on the legally secure side.

Among other things, the reliability of our Europe-wide established procedures is ensured by the initial identification to prevent identity theft as well as our 2-factor authentication system via fingerprint or Face-ID. In addition, the HSM components required to protect your data and identities are FIPS/NIST certified – which is equivalent to the most modern security requirements for encryption. Nothing leaves the country – your individual signature keys remain stored in an Austrian, high-security data center.


e-Signatures: Our USP – your compliance management

What distinguishes our solution from those of other providers: the forgery-proof, encrypted hash value generated locally on your premises when signing. The hash value and PDF are securely linked, and your confidential documents cannot be viewed from the outside – not even by us – absolute confidentiality is guaranteed.

We do not charge extra for this. On the contrary: With TRUST2GO® you benefit from incredibly low costs per signature and attractive reseller and distributor prices. We will be happy to inform you in more detail!

Just a few reasons for relying on TRUST2GO®….

Binding, confidential and reputable: You will receive exclusively signature certificates for business use, which we configure individually for you within the framework of the legal and technical possibilities – based on the applicable European signature law. This means that each of your qualified e-signatures has the same legal validity as a handwritten signature.

As a qualified trust service provider, we will be happy to advise you on which signature solution best meets your compliance requirements. Please feel free to contact us.

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