Settings for signatures with PDFCreator

13. April 2023
PDFs elektronisch signieren mit PDFCreator

User guide for signing PDFs using PKCS12-based certificates as of April 13, 2023

1. Procurement of suitable signature certificates

PDFCreator allows the automated signing of all printed documents using PKCS-12 based signature and seal certificates. The following GLOBALTRUST product types are delivered as PKCS12 files by default and are therefore suitable for PDF signatures according to these instructions:


✓ You can see an overview of all our products here

2. Open printer settings

PDF Creator home interface


  1. Choose „Printer“
  2. Open „Settings…“

3. Open settings for PDF


  1. On the left side under “Formats” select the format “PDF”.

4. Open settings and set parameters for signatures


  1. Select the “Signing” tab on the right-hand side
  2. Select ​​”Sign PDF file”
  3. Select certificate file (you can find the required PFX file on the GLOBALTRUST download page under ITEM I)
  4. Optionally state signature reason, signature contact, signature location
  5. Optionally select “Signature visible in PDF file” below

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