Globaltrust RKS

Since April 1, 2017, cash registers must have a technical security device according to the austrian fiscalization legislation. With the help of the security device, cash transactions are linked via an electronic signature to prevent subsequent manipulation. GLOBALTRUST provides the right solution for every size of company.



Certificate for fiscalization, cloud based

Download data sheet RKS (German)


RKS Card

Certificate for fiscalization, smartcard based

Download data sheet RKS (German)


Make your cash register fully compliant

GLOBALTRUST has developed two solutions with the RKS-CARD and the RKS-CLOUD. In cooperation with over 450 technology partners, the rollout of the cash register obligation in Austria was successfully mastered.
GLOBALTRUST takes over the guarantee in case of legal changes (security guarantee) and for the technical availability (function guarantee) for the duration of the ordered term.


GLOBALTRUST RKS CLOUD is the online security device according to RKSV. It allows signed bills to be issued regardless of location. The connection of the cash registers is done by interfaces of our cash register partners. The GLOBALTRUST RKS CLOUD is already integrated in several hundred cash register programs. GLOBALTRUST provides all developers with extensive documentation on cash register integration. Thus, manufacturers of cash registers and POS software have minimal integration efforts.

What are the reasons for using GLOBALTRUST RKS CLOUD?

  • No matter if Windows, macOS, iOS, Android or LINUX, GLOBALTRUST RKS-CLOUD works under any platform.
  • GLOBALTRUST RKS CLOUD can be used simultaneously at any number of cash registers and in any number of locations.
  • No hardware components susceptible to faults are required for the RKSV safety device.
  • The average response time is below 70 ms.
  • GLOBALTRUST guarantees compliance with all RKSV regulations for the entire term.
  • Unchangeability of cash entries guaranteed.

RKS-CARD – the smartcard based solution

The GLOBALTRUST RKS CARD is based on the highly secure smartcard technology and, unlike the GLOBALTRUST RKS CLOUD, also allows the offline signature of receipts. the card is issued for 3 or 5 years. GLOBALTRUST provides a functional and security guarantee for the entire period. If during this period the card becomes defective or the RKS regulation changes and changes are necessary, the GLOBALTRUST RKS CARD will be exchanged free of charge. We offer the following bundle at extremely favorable conditions:

  • Smartcard + RKSV certificate
  • Security guarantee (incl. free change) for the entire term
  • Tested Cardreader
  • Additional 1,000 qualified time stamps (these can be used for audit-proof storage of documents)
  • The bundle price with function and security guarantee for the entire term (+ 20% VAT each) € 99 Euro for three years, € 149 for five years
Technical data overview
  • Internet solution with FIPS certified HardwareSecurityModule (HSM)
  • future-proof hash procedures: SHA-256, SHA-512, RIPE-MD160 or higher
  • WSDL interface with sample code for java and C#
  • typical response time < 70 ms
  • Service availability (annual value): up to 99.98%
  • rfc4511 compliant online directory service (LDAP – Lightweight Directory Access Protocol)
  • automated revocation service in case of loss of certificate
  • Less than 0.5 cent per signature
  • Simultaneous use by unlimited number of cash registers
  • Certificate according to RKSV free of charge
  • Convenient reminder service before signature expiration
  • Flexible quota models for every company size and platform operator
  • Free testing software
  • For developers free testing including sample code for Java and C#