GLOBALTRUST first Austrian CA to be trusted by Mozilla – SSL and S/MIME trust bit set from Firefox 90

13. July 2021
GLOBALTRUST now has the SSL and S/MIME trust bit set in Firefox

GLOBALTRUST has mastered a crucial step for the distribution of its SSL and S/MIME certificates: The approval process for pre-installation in the popular Internet browser Firefox has been completed. As of Firefox 90, users of GLOBALTRUST SSL certificates do not require any special configuration. Mozilla, which is known for its special data protection friendliness, selects its trust service providers thoroughly, operates an elaborate procedure for the admission of new partners and makes special demands on the interested parties. GLOBALTRUST has made the decision to implement these requirements in its certification practice.

GLOBALTRUST is thus the only Austrian provider in the trust list of the popular Firefox browser. We are not only reacting to its still unbroken distribution, which in the German-speaking area still amounts to a good 20% in the desktop area, but also to the fact that about 90% of all SSL certificates are issued by US companies.

Not only for Firefox users, this means an improved browsing experience in the future: with the participation in the Mozilla Root Program the root certificate is included in the so-called NSS database. All applications using NSS 3.66 or higher include the GLOBALTRUST root certificate by default. Besides the other Mozilla products, such as Thunderbird, this includes corresponding openSUSE and Ubuntu distributions.

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