GLOBALTRUST brings renowned expert for Windows-PKI Secardeo on board

19. January 2021
Secardeo and GLOBALTRUST provide mutual customers with a fully automated, publicly trusted certificate management

The Austrian Trust Services Provider GLOBALTRUST has just entered into a partnership with the Windows PKI experts of Secardeo. The cooperation aims at enabling the management of large amounts of publicly trusted certificates in a fully automated way. GLOBALTRUST is a globally recognized eIDAS trust service provider and has been active in the certification sector since 2002. Secardeo has been servicing the PKI of large companies and public authorities as well as international corporations as a renowned partner for Microsoft environments since 2001.

Both companies are convinced that demand for their services will increase even more rapidly:

“All users, devices, and IT services in the world will communicate with each other securely and transparently using digital certificates. SECARDEO distributes the keys and certificates needed for this – securely, automatically and trustworthily,” says Dr. Gunnar Jacobson, founder and CEO of Secardeo.

“The basis of any business relationship is trust. Our task is to establish trust in the electronic space – that means between participants who are completely unfamiliar with each other. Digital identities are therefore key technologies for establishing trustworthy global business processes,” explains Dr. Hans G. Zeger, founder and CEO of GLOBALTRUST.

Together, the two solutions offer significant security gains and save users from having to set up their own cost-intensive systems. The use of trusted signatures for e-mails and documents, as well as encryption, may already be the de facto standard in many industries, and in many cases even required by law. Although demand is steadily increasing, implementation is still often a hurdle for companies, especially when several thousand employees and devices are involved. There is a lack of time, resources, and know-how for in-house solutions.

This is precisely where both companies come in with their solution. Comprehensive coverage with basic security mechanisms must be able to be implemented as securely and cost-effectively as possible so that companies can withstand the high pressure to modernize.


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