GLOBALTRUST – Products for signing pdf files

28. May 2015

Adobe’s .pdf document format is not only supported by Adobe’s own products, but also by a number of third-party products. Furthermore, there are generally available programming libraries and APIs for the development of individual solutions or for the integration of signing functions into existing products.

Note: Unless otherwise indicated, the following products are chargeable. Prices, purchase conditions and license conditions can be requested directly from the providers.

(a) Individual Signatures

Basically, the products of the Adobe Acrobat series (from version 6.0) enable the use of GLOBALTRUST. Depending on the version, the signature can also be designed and presented differently. The best experience so far has been with Adobe Acrobat Reader DC.

However, the product is only suitable for individual signatures. Each pdf document must be individually signed.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Aloaha PDF Suite
Note: not tested by GLOBALTRUST

DigiSigner (kostenfrei)
Note: not tested by GLOBALTRUST

eDocPrintPro – PDFSign Plugin
Note: not tested by GLOBALTRUST

iPaper PDFSign
Note: not tested by GLOBALTRUST

Nitro PDF Professional
Note: not tested by GLOBALTRUST

PDFCreator (kostenfrei)
A Windows printer driver that can create and sign PDF documents.
Note: not tested by GLOBALTRUST

PortableSigner (kostenfrei)
Note: not tested by GLOBALTRUST

(b) Signing solutions for the desktop

Several companies offer special PDF singer solutions for the desktop. These products either allow the signature of a larger number of documents (mass signature) or work like a pdf printer and automatically add a signature to the pdf print output.

it20one – pdf-Signator

Broadgun Software – pdfMachine Signer

WyRu – WyRu pdf & xml – Signer

iteksoft PDFSealer 6.09

Ascertia PDF Sign&Seal 3.1

AP-Soft PdfSignierer 1.23

(c) server-based pdf signing solutions

A server-based solution is recommended for large amounts of documents, but also in companies with a large number of users. Instead of being sent directly via a mail server, the unsigned documents are sent to a proxy server, which carries out the signature process automatically and then sends the document.

For the user, this has the advantage of not being burdened with the signature process, the company has the security that all desired signatures will actually take place.

Broadgun pdfSERVmachine

it20one – pdf-Proxy-Signer

rit edv-consulting – esign for SAP Solutions

(d) individual pdf signing solutions

A number of PDF function libraries allow the individual development of signing solutions


Free JAVA/PDF library

Suitable for developing JAVA solutions for LINUX and Windows is a port of iText


activePDF Toolkit Professional

TCPDF Open Source PHP-Klasse

(e) Signierfunktionen unter Microsoft verwenden

GLOBALTRUST Zertifikate werden direkt von Microsoft unterstützt, es sind daher keine zusätzlichen DLL’s, Driver usw. notwendig. Für die Entwicklung eigener Signaturlösungen verweisen wir auf…

CAPICOM can be used as an interface to the Microsoft CryptoAPI (under MS Platform SDK) and allows development under Microsoft Visual Basic, Visual Basic Script, ASP and C++ (…)

.NET or .NET Framework SDK also offers corresponding functions:

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