GLOBALTRUST launches qualified certification services

7. September 2015
Secardeo and GLOBALTRUST provide mutual customers with a fully automated, publicly trusted certificate management


With decision A 4/2014-36, GLOBALTRUST QUALIFIED and GLOBALTRUST QUALIFIED TIMESTAMP were accredited as qualified certification services by the Austrian supervisory authority RTR/TKK. This means that for the first time in Austria there is an attractive alternative in the field of qualified certification services. Simultaneously with the accreditation, our company was granted the right to use the national coat of arms.

GLOBALTRUST QUALIFIED TIMESTAMP offers qualified timestamps, GLOBALTRUST QUALIFIED qualified certificates for electronic signatures.

Hans G. Zeger, Managing Director of e-commerce monitoring: “GLOBALTRUST QUALIFIED TIMESTAMP guarantees the exact time a document was created by an independent body. Secure time information is a necessary prerequisite for audit-proof long-term archiving. Guaranteed fair values ​​are indispensable tools for efficiently combating fraud and preventing invoice and balance sheet fraud.”

Entry in EU-wide trust list

Parallel to the accreditation, the GLOBALTRUST certificates were entered in the EU-wide Trust List. This means that GLOBALTRUST certificates are automatically recognized as secure certificates throughout the EU.

“Create Trust – Confirm Trust”

Hans G. Zeger: “Creating and confirming trust are the central challenges of a future-oriented information society. Europe has a special responsibility towards its citizens here. A digital single market, as planned by the EU, is not possible without integrated and manufacturer-independent trust management.”

GLOBALTRUST sees itself as an independent, particularly trustworthy intermediary between providers and customers in the e-procurement, e-commerce and e-government sectors.

Focus on process automation

The focus of the GLOBALTRUST offerings is support in the area of ​​process automation. Whether in document management, in e-health or e-government, in the billing workflow, at cash registers or in machine-to-machine communication, unfalsifiable identities and confirmed, secure time specifications are the key to cross-platform information processes.

Years of experience in certification

GLOBALTRUST can draw on many years of experience in the field of certification. Official signatures in accordance with the E-Government Act were successfully issued under the product name A-CERT. In the field of electronic invoicing, the eBilling certificates from GLOBALTRUST are decisive in the market. Around 1-200 million invoices are signed with our certificates every year.

Strong technology partners

The success of GLOBALTRUST is also a success of our technology partners. Around 30 companies have integrated our certificates into their e-billing, signature and certification applications as technology partners.

For inquiries
Hans G. Zeger, Managing Director e-commerce -monitoring GmbH
+43 1 53 20 944

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