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corporate profile and history of e-commerce monitoring gmbh

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Trust is the central topic in a globalized information society. Establishing trust is our central topic.

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IT services since 2002


  • Provider of qualified electronic timestamps according to eIDAS (GLOBALTRUST QUALIFIED TIMESTAMP )
  • Provider of qualified certificates according to eIDAS (TRUST2GO®, GLOBALTRUST)
  • Provider of cash register security devices according to Austrian Fiscalization Act / RKSV
  • Provider of e-signatures according to Austrian e-government Act and e-billing solutions
  • Studies and expert opinions on the topics of data protection and data security on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (BMASK), the Austrian Research Promotion Agency (FFG), The Austrian Security Research Programme (KIRAS) and numerous private companies (selection):
    + Security in online banking
    + E-Commerce in Austria
    + Data protection issues in the introduction of smart meters
    + Secure Stamp – Secure ticket solutions

Our history

Our development



e-commerce monitoring gmbh starts in 2006 as a local Austrian provider of electronic invoice signatures according to then-current tax regulations. Within one year our company reached market leadership in this segment. About 3,000 Austrian companies used our certificates (brand name “A-CERT”) to secure their electronic invoices.



e-commerce monitoring gmbh is granted the right to issue e-government signatures by the Republic of Austria. E-government signatures are used by Austrian public authorities in all correspondence. Together with a number of powerful development partners, we were able to achieve a market share of about 50% of all signatures in this segment within a short period of time.



e-commerce monitoring gmbh is accredited as an EU-compliant certification service provider under the brand name GLOBALTRUST (then: EU Signature-Directive, now: eIDAS Regulation) and started providing companies with signature solutions.


Qualified Timestamp

e-commerce monitoring gmbh launches the qualified time stamping service, which is especially used by companies with time critical contracts. Therefore, our company has acquired additional customers who want to ensure authorship at a certain point in time or attend public tenders.



e-commerce monitoring gmbh is leading the roll-out of the RKS-CARD. The RKS-CARD is a smart card for the electronic signature of cash receipts according to Austrian Fiscalization Act. Within a few weeks, our company was able to successfully process more than 20,000 certifications.


S/MIME Signatures

e-commerce monitoring gmbh starts the rollout of email signatures (S/MIME) in cooperation with strong development partners. The demand for this was massively accelerated in 2020. Start of internationalization.


Root acceptance by major vendors

e-commerce monitoring gmbh concludes an agreement with ADOBE for the recognition of GLOBALTRUST certificates in ADOBE products. Thus, in addition to eIDAS compliance, our company has valid agreements with Microsoft, Google, Mozilla, 360 Browser and Adobe. Furthermore, there are agreements with software providers and trading platforms that have also integrated GLOBALTRUST certificates into their products.


Qualified cloud signature

e-commerce monitoring gmbh launches TRUST2GO®, a cloud-based qualified signature service. This service works independent of location and device. Already months before start (9/2021) we have pre-orders for about 15,000 certificates, primarily from companies in the DACH region that are globally active.

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